Food Law News - UK - 2005

FSA News Item, 21 February 2005

RECALL - Sudan I product lists 21 February 2005 : 12.15 and 16.45

The Food Standards Agency has released an update on food products contaminated with the illegal dye Sudan I.

Today's lists contain affected products notified to the Agency by food companies since a list of 359 was published on Friday 18 February.

For the lists, see:

Food Standards Agency Chief Executive Dr Jon Bell said: 'The list of products will continue to be updated and put in the public domain. There is no risk of immediate illness and the health risk generally is likely to be very small.

'But if you have any of these products at home it's sensible not to eat them.'

Dr Bell added: 'The food companies involved are legally responsible for notifying us, removing the affected products and informing consumers. We expect remaining product information to be provided by Thursday and that food businesses remove any remaining affected products as soon as they can.'

The Agency has reminded food companies of their legal responsibility to ensure that food sold is fit for purpose and that they should check that any remaining stock of chilli powder or products made from chilli powder is free from Sudan I. Investigations continue into this incident.

Sudan I can contribute to an increased risk of cancer but at the levels present the risk is likely to be very small. There is no risk of immediate ill health but it is sensible to avoid eating any more.

We will continue to take action to remove these and minimise the risk to consumers.

If people have any of these foods at home they are advised not to eat them and to contact the store they bought them from for a refund.

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