Food Law News - UK - 2004

FSA Consultation Letter, 15 December 2004

LABELLING - Draft Food Labelling (Amendment) ( England ) Regulations 2005

New European rules (Directive 2004/77/EC) amending Directive 94/54/EC as regards the labelling of certain foods containing glycyrrhizinic acid and its ammonium salt have now been agreed in Brussels . The UK is required to introduce national measures to implement these provisions by 20 May 2006 . Responses are requested by: 8 March 2005

Consultation details

We invite your comments on the enclosed draft Regulations, the Food Labelling (Amendment) ( England ) Regulations 2005, together with the Guidance Notes and a Partial Regulatory Impact Assessment. The regulations would apply to England only. Separate parallel legislation is being prepared in Scotland , Wales and Northern Ireland .

The new rules will require an indication of the presence of glycyrrhizinic acid or its ammonium salt (whether due to addition of these substances or the liquorice plant) in confectionery or beverages immediately after the list of ingredients, unless this is already included in the name under which the product is sold. For products which contain above the threshold level of glycyrrhizinic acid, the legislation requires that a further message must be added after the list of the ingredients, warning consumers suffering from hypertension to avoid excessive consumption.

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