Food Law News - UK - 2004

FSA News Item, 19 November 2004

PRODUCT RECALL - Salmonella in Alejandro Picante Chorizo Extra

A brand of chorizo has tested positive for salmonella in formal sampling by a local authority. The Agency has issued a Food Alert ‘For Action' in England and one 'For Information' in Scotland .

The affected brand is Alejandro Picante Chorizo Extra, which is manufactured by Embuttidos A Lejandro of Logrono , Spain and is distributed in the UK by Brindisa Ltd of Balham, London .

Product details

The product is packed in a hoop shape into a vacuum-sealed, controlled-atmosphere plastic bag. The top third of the bag is pale brown in colour and displays the brand name inside a maroon banner. Above this the word ‘PICANTE' is on a maroon background and immediately above this is the product ingredient list in maroon writing.

The bottom two-thirds of the packet consist of a viewing window with the words ‘Qualité Supérieure Fort' appearing in white at the bottom. The EU approval number ESP 10.6584/LO also appears on the front of the packet.

Food Alerts

Food Alerts are the FSA's way of letting local authorities and consumers know about problems associated with food and, in some cases, providing details of specific action to be taken. They were previously known as Food Hazard Warnings and were issued under four categories (A, B, C and D).

Under the new system, which took effect on 25 October 2004 , they are issued under two categories:

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