Food Law News - UK - 2004

FSA News Item, 1 November 2004

RECALL - Ready meals with wrong use-by dates recalled

Five chilled ready-to-cook meals made for supermarket chain Waitrose have been recalled by the manufacturer after they were found to display the wrong use-by dates.

The product recall by London-based Bighams Ltd covers:

If you have any of the affected products, which should be eaten by 1 November, take them to a local Waitrose branch for a full refund. The Food Standards Agency has issued a 'Food Alert: For Information'.

Food Alerts

Food Alerts are the FSA's way of letting local authorities and consumers know about problems associated with food and, in some cases, providing details of specific action to be taken.

They were previously known as Food Hazard Warnings and were issued under four categories (A, B, C and D). Under the new system, which took effect on 25 October 2004 , they are issued under two categories:

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