Food Law News - UK - 2004

FSA Press Release (06/2004), 30 January 2004

RECALL - Müllerice Applerice Dessert 200g Pot Best Before 7 February 2004

Category C: Action as deemed necessary

Heads of Environmental Health Services and Directors of Trading Standards will wish to be aware that several complaints have been received by both local authorities and Müller Dairy (UK) Ltd. regarding Müllerice Apple dessert 200g pot with the Best Before date of 07 Feb 2004.

The nature of the complaints included a strong odour upon opening, with a possible burning sensation in the mouth if any of the product was consumed. Early investigations show that a raised level of methoxyphenol (guaiacol) has been detected in the product the cause of which is being investigated by Müller Dairy (UK) Ltd. Although guaiacol, at a raised level, may cause a burning sensation, the risk of any other more serious health effects is very low.

The product has primarily been on sale in the major supermarkets throughout the UK and Ireland.

However, distribution to small, localised outlets has also occurred. The product has been sold as single pots or combined in a multipack which contains three apple flavoured rice desserts and three strawberry flavoured rice desserts all in 200g pots with foil lids.

Müller Dairy (UK) Ltd. is recalling the product and is issuing a product recall notice in the national newspapers from Saturday 31 January 2004.

The fat-free variant supplied in 150g pots is not affected.

Identification of the product:

Actions to be taken by Local Authorities where deemed necessary

The product does not comply with the food safety requirements specified in the Food Safety Act 1990.

Although the Company has undertaken a product recall there remains a possibility that the product remains on sale in small retail outlets, or may still be in consumers homes.

Therefore local authorities are asked to consider providing local publicity at the next available opportunity to this issue and for that purpose may wish to refer to the Agency's press release

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