Food Law News - UK - 2003

FSA News Item, 22 October 2003

CONTAMINANTS - Drugged venison update

The Agency has issued a follow-up warning about eating venison products containing meat contaminated with the drugs Immobilon and Revivon. The new warning has been issued because further information has come to light about the distribution of potentially-affected products.

An earlier Food Hazard Warning issued to local authority food law enforcers said that potentially-affected meat had been distributed to Sillfield Farm Products, Sillfield Farm, Endmoor, Kendal, Cumbria.
It has now been discovered that this company has used potentially-contaminated venison in the manufacture of three different products. These are pheasant and venison sausages, venison and pork sausages, and cooked game pie.

The sausages are sold in polystyrene trays and over-wrapped with clear plastic. in 450g portions, and the 1.5 lb cooked game pies are sold unwrapped.

These products have been sold from a number of UK locations since 11 August 2003, including farmers' markets and county shows.

The company is arranging for the destruction of all potentially-affected venison. All venison products sold after 16 October 2003 are unaffected.

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