Food Law News - UK - 2003

FSA Consultation Letter, 30 June 2003

LABELLING - Labelling of yellow fat spreads: draft guidance notes

This consultation is on the draft guidance on labelling yellow fat spreads (which include butter, margarine and other similar products). Copies of the draft guidance notes are available on the FSA web-site at:

Responses are requested by: 30 September 2003

Consultation details

The guidance is principally to help with interpreting the requirements set down in European Council Regulation 577/97 (as amended) on standards for spreadable fats and the European Council regulation 1898/87 on the protection of dairy designations. The guidance also touches on the effects of European Council Directive 1019/2002 on requirements for labelling food containing olive oil, so far as it applies to yellow fat spreads.


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