Food Law News - UK - 2003

DEFRA Press Release (31/03), 27 January 2003

ANIMAL BY-PRODUCTS - Final Consultation on Animal By-Product Rules

New controls on animal by-products will apply from 1 May 2003. Defra is asking for views on the draft legislation which will give effect to the controls in England.

The EU Animal By-Products Regulation will tighten the rules on the processing, use, disposal, trade and import of animal by-products (animal carcases, parts of animal carcases and products of animal origin which are not intended for human consumption). In particular, the Regulation will:

The Regulation will be directly applicable in the UK and national legislation will not repeat its provisions, but will give effect to the Regulation by providing for offences, powers of entry, etc. Views are also being sought on a limited number of additional provisions which are thought necessary to ensure the Regulation can be complied with, such as record keeping requirements and specified sampling frequencies for the microbiological testing of processed products. Interested parties have until 21 March to respond.

Enforcing legislation for the import provisions will be introduced separately through an amendment to the Products of Animal Origin (Third Country Imports) Regulations.

The following additional notes are provided

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