Food Law News - UK - 2002

FSA Press Release (R459-33) , 26 July 2002

GM FOOD - FSA announces initiatives to involve consumers in debate on GM food

The Food Standards Agency announced today that it will involve consumers in debating issues related to GM food. The FSA's action reflects its responsibility to protect the interests of consumers in relation to food and to provide independent advice on GM food safety and choice.

FSA action will include:

Food Standards Agency Chair Sir John Krebs said: 'The Agency is particularly keen that the views of a very wide variety of consumers are heard on GM foods as part of a wider GM debate. It will instigate independent activities to ensure that - for example - young people and people on low incomes get involved.'

The Agency also published today the conclusions of consumer focus groups carried out earlier this year to investigate current public attitudes to GM.

Key findings were:

Full details of the research are available on the Agency website:


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