Food Law News - UK - 2002

FSA News Item, 18 July 2002

RECALL - Product Recall of Co-Op Frozen Dairy Cream Profiteroles

Category D: For Information Only

Heads of Environmental Health Services and Directors of Trading Standards will wish to be aware that The Co-operative Group are recalling Dairy Cream Profiteroles (frozen) 280g. The recall is a precautionary measure as the Dairy Cream Profiteroles may be contaminated with nuts. All batch codes and best before dates are affected. This is the only Co-op product of this type; no other Co-op product is affected by this recall.

Additional Information:

The Co-operative Group has undertaken a recall of its frozen profiteroles after receiving information that an ingredients supplier providing chocolate sauce could not guarantee the absence of nuts from the sauce.

Ordinarily the chocolate sauce is produced in a nut-free environment, but a second factory was used and this may pose a slight risk of nuts being present in the sauce. The profiterole packaging does not indicate this risk.

The Co-operative Group is therefore advising any of its customers who may suffer from nut allergy to return the profiteroles to its stores. There is no risk to any customers who do not have this allergy.

The Co-operative Group has issued a public product recall notice as attached in the Daily Mail and Daily Record tomorrow, and intends displaying customer notices in their stores.

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