Food Law News - UK - 2002

FSA Letter, 21 June 2002

COMPOSITIONAL STANDARDS - Condensed and Dried Milk Regulations 2002 (England)

The FSA letter is a consultation relating to new regulations. The new legislation will replace the Condensed Milk and Dried Milk Regulations 1977 (as amended) and will come in force on the 17 July 2003.

The intended effect of the Directive is to lay down definitions and common rules governing the composition, manufacturing specifications and labelling of certain partly or wholly dehydrated preserved milk for human consumption.

Although it is envisaged that the implementation of the new Regulations will bring about little change from the current labelling requirements, the Food Standards Agency is required to produce a Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) to assess the impact, in terms of costs, benefits and risk of the forthcoming regulation, which could affect a business or organisation, for which views and comments would be welcome.

It would be very helpful if manufacturers could provide us with additional information regarding the likely costs they will incur in implementing this EU Directive into national Legislation. This will assist the FSA in addressing any obstacles in policy making.

Comments or views should be sent no later than Friday 13 September 2002.

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