Food Law News - UK - 2002

FSA Press Release (2002/0225), 23 May 2002

HAZARD - Agency advises against consumption of a batch of Dragon Boat Canned Shiitake Mushrooms

The Food Standards Agency is advising consumers not to eat or use certain tins of Dragon Boat Shiitake Mushrooms. Tests have revealed defects in the can seams which could lead to food poisoning bacteria being present in some of the cans.

Although low levels of bacterial contamination have been found in some of the samples of the product which have been tested, there are no reports of blown or deformed cans or of any actual cases of illness. However, given the problems identified with this particular batch of Dragon Boat Shiitake Mushrooms, and the probable long shelf life of the product, the Food Standards Agency advises that tins of this product should not be eaten.

Dr Jon Bell, Food Standards Agency Deputy Chief Executive and Head of Food Safety, said:
" People should check that they don't have any of these particular cans of mushrooms in their cupboards at home. And caterers should check as well that they are not using them. These cans should not be opened or eaten, but safely disposed of. "

The affected product is:

The Food Standards Agency has today issued a Food Hazard Warning to local authorities asking them to visit food businesses and ask for cans of the affected brand and batch to be withdrawn from sale or use and destroyed. Photographs of the product are on the Agency's website:

Cans of these mushrooms were distributed by the suppliers to businesses in and around:

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