Food Law News - UK - 2002

FSA Scotland Press Release, 29 April 2002

ENFORCEMENT - Inverclyde diners well protected

Consumers eating out, grabbing a takeaway or buying their weekly groceries in Inverclyde are sufficiently protected, according to a report published by the Food Standards Agency Scotland today (April 29 2002).

An in-depth analysis of Inverclyde Council has been carried out by the Agency as part of a national drive to improve standards of consumer protection.

The audit of Inverclyde Council found that:

Some areas for improvement were identified, however, including:

Jim Thomson, Assistant Director, Food Standards Agency Scotland, said:
'Food safety enforcement officers are the front line troops in protecting consumers from poor hygiene standards and it is vitally important that they carry out their duties effectively.

'The team at Inverclyde Council has demonstrated a sufficient level of food law enforcement and is committed to an ethos of continuous improvement'.

A team of auditors closely scrutinised the work of Inverclyde Council and assessed the council's conformance with specified standards. All 32 councils in Scotland are being audited as part of a three-year rolling programme which aims to improve consistency and tackle any problems which hinder effective enforcement.

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