Food Law News - UK - 2002

FSA News Item, 22 March 2002

CONTAMINANTS - Agency to start further tests on foods from South East Asia

The Food Standards Agency is to start a precautionary testing programme for nitrofurans in shrimps and prawns from Vietnam, Myanmar and Thailand, and poultry meat from Thailand.

This action follows European Commission discussions and decisions over recent weeks in relation to products of animal original from China and SE Asia.

The concern relates to the controls on the use of veterinary medicines in China and unacceptable and illegal drug residues that have been found in foods from China and other SE Asian countries.

The Food Standards Agency has been conducting a number of precautionary tests on foods from China and SE Asia since concerns were first raised. The findings, which resulted in product recalls and withdrawals in the UK, have been provided to the EC with a view to European Union-wide action to protect the consumer. The Agency is currently not advising against the general consumption of prawns and shrimps from Vietnam, Myanmar and Thailand, nor Thai chicken.

The results of the Agency's new testing programme will be published together with any appropriate advice to consumers

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