Food Law News - UK - 2002

FSA Press Release, 28 March 2002

CONTAMINANTS - Thai chicken tests negative for nitrofuran

The Food Standards Agency has today (March 28 2002) received the results of tests carried out in Northern Ireland on poultry meat from Thailand.

The tests followed European Commission discussions and decisions over recent weeks in relation to products of animal origin from China and SE Asia.

The EC was concerned over controls on the use of veterinary medicines in China and unacceptable and illegal drug residues that had been found in foods from China and other south-east Asian countries.

Twenty-six poultry samples were taken, 21 were of Thai origin, three Brazilian, two Chilean. The 21 Thai and two Chilean samples tested negative for nitrofurans.

Two of the Brazilian sample tested negative however the third Brazilian sample did test positive for low levels of nitrofurans. This is being further Investigated and has been reported to the European Commission to determine whether there is a generic problem.

The Agency is to undertake further sampling of poultry products from Thailand. The results will be published together with any appropriate advice to consumers.

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