Food Law News - UK - 2002

FSA Consultation Letter, 12 February 2002

LABELLING - The Fish Labelling (England) Regulations 2002

The European Commission has recently agreed Regulation 2065/2001 on the labelling of fish sold at retail. The Regulation lays down detailed rules for the provision of the labelling information required by Article 4 of Council Regulation 104/2000. The new provisions require that certain fish and fish products must, when offered for retail sale to the final consumer, be labelled with the species name, method of production (i.e., whether caught at sea or in inland waters or farmed) and the catch area. The new Regulations also include traceability provisions requiring that the labelling information, as well as the scientific name of the species, is available at all stages of the marketing chain.

National legislation is required to provide for the enforcement of the new rules. To this end, the Agency has produced the following documents:

Comments on the documents are required by 7 May 2002 at the latest.

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