Food Law News - UK - 2002

FSA Press Release, 15 February 2002

MEAT HYGIENE - Independent panel investigating Herefordshire abattoir's complaint against the Meat Hygiene Service is stood down

The Food Standards Agency has stood down the independent panel commissioned in October 2000 to investigate a complaint from Mead Webber Ltd, a Herefordshire abattoir, against the Meat Hygiene Service. This action follows the failure of Mead Webber Ltd to provide information about the complaint.

The FSA stood down the panel after Mead Webber Ltd, in Eardisley, failed to respond to a final reminder to submit information the panel had requested to enable them to complete their investigation. The panel asked for information on 14 occasions - with a final reminder in January this year. The company has been informed and told the investigation into their complaint will not be taken any further.

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