Food Law News - UK - 2002

FSA Press Release, 14 January 2002

HAZARD WARNING - More cans of hot dogs withdrawn and recalled

Ye Olde Oak Foods Limited has withdrawn and recalled the following hot dog products:

This action relates to the same issues that led to product recalls by Asda and Lidl in December 2001.

The Food Standards Agency has now been notified that Ye Olde Oak Food's own brand hot dog sausages are similarly affected by the same problem (i.e. contents spoiled and foul smelling). A small number of customer complaints have been received, although again there are no known complaints alleging illness. The Food Standards Agency advises consumers not to open or eat these specific cans of hot dogs and to check that they do not have any in their kitchen cupboards.

Ye Olde Oak Foods Ltd supplies a number of retailers, including major supermarkets, with its own brand. It has contacted retailers to try to ensure a withdrawal of the product, however some of the affected cans will have already been sold and may be in people's kitchen cupboards.

The Food Standards Agency has issued a Food Hazard Warning to local authorities advising them of the problem and the action being taken by the company.

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