Food Law News - UK - 2001

FSA Press Release, 21 December 2001

RECALL - Cans of hot dogs withdrawn and recalled by Asda and Lidl supermarkets

Asda and Lidl supermarkets have withdrawn and recalled the following hot dog products:

This action is because these hot dogs carry a small risk of giving people food poisoning, and some of the cans are at risk of exploding when opened.

The Food Standards Agency supports this action and advises consumers not to open or eat these specific cans of hot dogs and to check that they do not have any in their kitchen cupboards.

Reported incidents allege that cans sold in Lidl, which have ring pulls, can explode and there is then a danger of people cutting their fingers. Microbiological examination of the cans on sale at Lidl and Asda has revealed bacterial growth that indicates either under-processing or post-processing contamination. This could pose a small risk of food poisoning, although there are no known complaints alleging illness after eating these hot dogs. Complaints concerning the affected hot dogs include the explosion on opening and alleged physical injury, as well as fizzing and foul smelling contents.

The Food Standards Agency has issued a Food Hazard Warning to local authorities advising them of the problem and the action being taken by the two supermarkets. The Food Standards Agency has also alerted the Dutch authorities to the problem, as these hot dogs are manufactured in the Netherlands.

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