Food Law News - UK - 2001

FSA Letter, 14 December 2001

IRRADIATION - Food Irradiation - Draft Amending Instrument

In February 1999 the European Council and the European Parliament published two EC Directives on foods and food ingredients treated with ionising radiation in the Official Journal of the European Communities. These EC Directives were enacted in England by SI 2000/2254 - The Food Irradiation Provisions (England) Regulation 2000 which came into force on the 21 September 2000 and amended the Food (Control of Irradiation) Regulations 1990. Similar implementation regulations have been introduced in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Following consideration of SI 2000/2254 by the Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments (JCSI) several changes to the SI were recommended. These included the removal of the definition of 'the Directive' in regulation 2, and the removal of the phrase 'as the case may be' from regulation 7. The tidying up of part 1 and part III of Schedule 1. The correction of a typographical error part VI of Schedule 1, where 1,5000 was printed instead of the correct sum of 1,500 and the inclusion of the words 'or territory' after 'country' in a number of places in Schedule 2.

An amending instrument has been produced and we seek your comments on this new amending SI (see Annex 1). We are consulting all organisations that responded to the May 2000 consultation along with consumer groups, the FDF, and the BRC, on the draft Food Irradiation Provisions (England) Regulation

Comments are required by the FSA by 11 January 2002.

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