Food Law News - UK - 2001

Scottish FSA Press Release (83/01), 29 November 2001

ENFORCEMENT - Food Law Enforcement in Falkirk under the Microscope

An in-depth analysis of food law enforcement in Falkirk has shown encouraging results according to an audit report published by the Food Standards Agency Scotland today. The report on Falkirk Council is part of a rolling programme by the Agency which scrutinises the food law enforcement activities of all Scotland's 32 local authorities to raise national standards and improve consumer protection.

Today's report revealed a number of strengths in Falkirk's food law enforcement procedures. For example, the report found that:

Some areas for improvement were identified, including:

A follow-up Action Plan covering key areas for improvement has been agreed with the Council. Jim Thomson, Assistant Director at the Food Standards Agency Scotland said:
"Local authorities are the front line troops in food law enforcement and it's important that they are given as much assistance as possible in order for them to do their jobs effectively. The new audit scheme will give them this help, by allowing them to build on their strengths and correct their weaknesses. Falkirk's audit has revealed several very good results but has also revealed a number of areas for improvement. From the positive actions proposed by the Council, the Agency is confident that when we go back to review their progress they will have an improved food law enforcement service."

Leader of Falkirk Council, David Alexander, said:
Food safety is an extremely important service provided by the Council and safeguarding public health is something our officers take very seriously. This report highlights some of the many ways in which Falkirk Council's consumer protection team are meeting the high standards set by the Food Standards Agency. We have taken forward the improvement suggestions made by the Agency and we will continue to work with them and our local food businesses to ensure the public get the highest standards of food safety in the Falkirk area."

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