Food Law News - UK - 2001

FSA Press Release (2001/0156), 22 October 2001

BSE - Statement by Sir John Krebs Following FSA Board Discussion on BSE and Sheep

It is important to act quickly and effectively to provide public reassurance on BSE in sheep. Agency advice has been consistent - there is no reason to avoid the consumption of lamb. But the theoretical risk remains and there is an urgent need to reduce the uncertainty on BSE in sheep and look at whether further precautionary measures are needed. This can only be resolved through effective public action.

The Food Standards Agency proposes to review the precautionary measures and, with SEAC, current research into BSE in sheep. This review will be part of a process that will include a public stakeholder meeting to be held before Christmas. The Agency reaffirms its view, acknowledging the practical difficulties, that:

The following additional notes are provided:

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