Food Law News - UK - 2001

FSA Letter, 15 October 2001

PARNUTS - The Medical Food (England) Regulations 2000 (SI No. 845)

The above regulations come into force on 1 November this year. The regulations implement Commission Directive 1999/21/EC on dietary foods for special medical purposes. Copies may be obtained from The Stationery Office (Tel: 0870 600 5522;

The regulations prohibit the sale of a medical food unless its composition and labelling comply with the specific requirements laid down in the Directive. Medical foods are not intended to be consumed as part of the normal diet of the general population. They are intended for individuals with very specific dietary requirements that stem from a particular disease, disorder or medical condition, or disease-related malnutrition, and whose dietary requirements cannot be met by the consumption of normal foodstuffs alone, or in combination with other types of foods for particular nutritional uses.

The Food Standards Agency must be notified of any new or reformulated medical food placed on the market in England on or after 1 November. Notification is the responsibility of manufacturer or importer. The Agency is developing a form that may be used for this purpose and will be made available on the Agency's website ( Further advice on the notification of medical foods is available from the Food Standards Agency.

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