Food Law News - UK - 2001

FSA Press Release (2001/0154), 10 October 2001

RECALL - Some Garlic Flavoured Peanuts Found to be Contaminated with Salmonella

The Food Standards Agency is advising consumers to avoid a particular batch of Farmer Brand Garlic Flavoured Peanuts (in shells) following tests that have found them to be contaminated with the food bug salmonella.

The product details are Farmer Brand Garlic Flavour Peanuts, 180g packets, best before 28 June 2003,

These nuts have been tested as a result of reports of salmonella linked to similar nut products in Canada and Australia. Only this one batch of this one product has tested positive. A range of other similar nut products have tested negative. The affected product originates from China and is believed to be sold mostly in shops that sell Chinese and South East Asian food-stuffs.

The Agency is taking action to ensure that the affected product is removed from sale and that consumers do not eat it. There is a risk of food poisoning if this specific product is eaten.

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