Food Law News - UK - 2001

DEFRA Press Release (158/01), 28 September 2001

BSE - Government Publishes Its Response To The BSE Inquiry Report

The Government today published its substantive response to the report of the BSE Inquiry.

Public consultation on the Government's interim response was completed earlier this year. The new document aims to reflect people's views.

Elliot Morley, Animal Health Minister said:
"This document sets out what the Government has done to address the Inquiry's findings and conclusions already. There is plenty. It also looks forward to further improvements in the near future. One of the lessons from the BSE Inquiry was the vital importance of proper contingency planning. We are today issuing for consultation a draft contingency plan against the possibility that in the future BSE might be found in sheep - part of a comprehensive Government risk management strategy on this issue."

The Government's response and the draft contingency plan are available on the DEFRA website.

The report of the BSE Inquiry was published on 26 October 2000. The Government issued its interim response to the Inquiry report in February 2001 as a basis for wide public consultation. This substantive response is being published by HM Government in consultation with the devolved administrations. It is available free of charge from The Stationery Office (General enquiries 0870 600 5533).

The response can be downloaded, as a pdf file, from the DEFREA site at:

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