Food Law News - UK - 2001

Scottish FSA Letter, 5 July 2001

PARNUTS - Draft Regulations on the Notification of Marketing of Food for Particular Nutritional Uses (Scotland)

The Scottish FSA is requesting comments on proposed new Regulations to implement, in Scotland, the requirements of Article 9 of Directive 89/398/EEC (as amended by Directive 1999/41/EC) on foods for particular nutritional uses (parnuts).

The Regulations would require manufacturers/distributors to notify, and provide additional information on request, to the Food Standards Agency on first marketing of certain parnuts foods. They would place existing voluntary arrangements on a statutory basis; provide additional consumer protection; and are considered necessary to meet Communityobligations.

The main groups of parnuts foods, listed in the Annex to the directive, would be exempt: infant formulae and follow-on formulae; processed cereal-based foods and baby foods for infants and young children; food intended for use in energy-restricted diets for weight reduction; dietary foods for special medical purposes; foods intended to meet the expenditure of intense muscular effort, especially for sportsmen; foods for diabetics.

It is proposed that the Regulations would come into immediate effect, and separate parallel legislation is planned for England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Consultation on these proposals will be undertaken by the relevant administrative bodies.

The FSA do not intend to develop detailed guidance notes on the Regulations. Nevertheless they will publish general information for manufacturers/importers about the notification procedure. If, however, there are specific issues where guidance on the Regulations would be helpful, the FSA would be pleased to know of them.

Comments on the draft Regulations are required by 13th August 2001.

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