Food Law News - UK - 2000

FSA Letter, 21 December 2000

GM FOOD - Development of Policy on GM Foods

The Board of the Food Standards Agency began its consideration of the Agency's policy on genetically modified foods at its open meeting held on 22 June. The minutes of the meeting, and a statement issued by the Board shortly afterwards, are available on the Agency's website at

During the course of its discussion, the Board asked for information about the possible benefits to consumers provided by those GM foods which have been produced so far, and the benefits that might be expected to accrue from those which are expected to become available in the next 5-10 years. A paper was presented at its October meeting, giving the biotechnology industry's view on possible benefits from GM foods. This paper is also on the Agency's website.

The Board is keen to ensure that we have properly considered all the arguments. We want to be sure that those opposed to the use of GM foods should be afforded the same opportunities to comment as the industry. Since April we have received information from a number of non-governmental organisations regarding GM foods, and a summary of this and other information taken from websites was presented to the Board at its December meeting. This paper is attached. I am writing now to invite your further comments. If there are any points you would like to make on the potential benefits of GM foods, please write and tell us. Alternatively, if your material is included in the attached paper, please can you let me know if it represents your current thoughts on this subject.

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