Food Law News - UK - 2000

FSA Letter, 15 November, 2000

COMPOSITIONAL STANDARDS - Council Regulation 2991/94on Standards for Spreadable Fats - 'Reduced Fat' and 'Low Fat' or 'Light' Claims

Under the terms of the above Regulation, the European Council are required to review the application of Article 5(2) relating to the use of the terms 'reduced fat' and 'low fat' or 'light' for spreadable fats. This review will be based on a report prepared by the European Commission and to assist in this, Member States have been requested to respond to a questionnaire.

The questionnaire aims to gather information on production levels of reduced fat spreadable fats and the frequency of use of terms implying a reduced fat content. It also focuses on identifying any practical difficulties experienced by consumers, industry and enforcement authorities relating to the use of the terms 'reduced fat' and 'low fat' or 'light' for these products and requests suggestions on how these may be resolved and improved. The FSA letter indicates that it is important that the UK response reflects accurately the current market situation and practices so your contributions and comments on these issues would be welcome.

Responses are required by 3 January 2001.

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