Food Law News - UK - 2000

MAFF Press Release (420/00), 30 November 2000

CONTAMINANTS - New Quarterly Pesticide Residue Results Published

The first results from this year's Pesticides Residue Surveillance programme are published today. This programme is overseen by the Pesticide Residues Committee. The results cover 11 surveys of both imported and home produced food which were mainly collected during the first quarter of 2000 and tested for a wide range of different pesticides. For the first time the results are being published quarterly. This means that the consumer will receive more timely information.

The results are published in full along with brand name details. They can be viewed on the Pesticides Safety Directorate website at

The Pesticides Residue Committee (PRC) was established in March 2000 to supersede the Working Party on Pesticides Residues (WPPR). The PRC reports to Ministers and the Food Standards Agency. The Committee is in the process of being reconstituted, new appointments are being made and by the end of this year it will have a fully independent Membership.

The surveys published today cover strawberries garlic, onions, spring onions, lettuce, broccoli, infant food (fruit based), milk, duck, mayonnaise/salad cream and nut butters

Approximately 2500 samples in total are being collected in 2000. They will be tested for a wide range of pesticides at a total cost of 1.6 million pounds. Results from samples collected in the second quarter of 2000 are due to be published in February 2001. An annual survey report covering the full year 2000 programme will be published next September.

The pesticide residues surveillance results are available on the PSD website -

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