Food Law News - UK - 2000

2 March 2000: FOOD SAFETY - Health Warning over St Helens Farm Goats' Milk

DH Press Release (2000/0124 ), 2 March 2000

Health Warning over St Helens Farm Goats' Milk

People who are allergic to penicillin are warned today against drinking any goats' milk from a single batch of a named brand sold infour supermarket chains.

Tests carried out on one batch of St Helens Farm Goat's Milk (both skimmed and semi-skimmed) have indicated that traces of antibiotics - including penicillin - are present in the milk. Due to prompt action by the producer, much of this batch has been withdrawn from shelves in Safeways, Sainsburys, Tescos and Waitrose supermarkets.

However, it remains possible that a small amount has been purchased by members of the public. For most people, drinking the milk is unlikely to result in any symptoms. But those who are allergic to penicillin could experience an allergic reaction which, in rare cases, might be severe.

The affected batch has a "best before" date of 6th March. If anyone has bought cartons from the suspect batch, they should not drink the milk. All batches are thoroughly tested for the presence of antibiotics, and only this batch is affected.

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