Food Law News - FAO/WHO/WTO/Codex - 2007

Codex, 2 7 July 2007

CODEX - Report of the 30th Session of the CODEX ALIMENTARIUS COMMISSION

For the full report, see:[1].pdf


The Commission:

a) Adopted amendments to the Rules of Procedure and other amendments to the Procedural Manual;

b) Adopted 44 new or revised Codex standards or related texts;

c) Approved a number of new work proposals and proposals for discontinuation of work;

d) Noted the Codex budget proposals for 2008-09 and expressed its strong desire that FAO and WHO allocate, to the Codex programme, a budget level that would allow the Secretariat to conserve, at least, the same purchasing power as in the 2006-07 biennium; and made recommendations on the use of Russian and Portuguese in selected Codex meetings, subject to certain conditions;

e) Adopted the Strategic Plan 2008-2013 of the Codex Alimentarius Commission;

f) Noted with satisfaction the progress made in implementing the proposals based on the recommendations from the Codex Evaluation (2002); agreed to some principles to streamline the Codex committee structure and session planning, while requesting the Executive Committee to follow up on other pending issues;

g) Agreed to re-activate the Codex Committee on Natural Mineral Waters to update the provisions on health-related substances in the current standard;

h) Supported continued cooperation and coordination with international governmental and non-governmental organizations; recommended that FAO and WHO study the possibility of reviewing or updating FAO and WHO Agreements with OIE, as might be required; and requested the Codex Secretariat to identify, in cooperation with the Legal Offices of FAO and WHO, any practical problems affecting the cooperation between Codex and OIE that might need to be addressed in a pragmatic manner;

i) Expressed its appreciation to FAO and WHO and to the donors making financial contribution to the Codex Trust Fund;

j) Expressed its appreciation to FAO and WHO for their ongoing activities in support of Codex, namely provision of scientific advice and capacity building in food safety and quality;

k) Elected the following Officers of the Commission and other members of the Executive


l) Designated/confirmed the host governments of Codex subsidiary bodies, including Malaysia as new host country for the Committee on Fats and Oils

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