Food Law News - EU - 1999

18 June 1999: GM FOODS - G7 Statement - Biotechnology and Food Safety

Commission Press Release (DOC/99/3), 18 June 1999

G7 Statement - Biotechnology and Food Safety

The following is an extract from the Press Release issued at the end of the G7 Meeting.

X. Tackling Global Challenges

43.In light of the increasing importance of issues concerning food safety we invite the OECD Working Group on Harmonization of Regulatory Oversight of Biotechnology and the OECD Task Force for the Safety of Novel Foods and Feeds to undertake a study of the implications of biotechnology and other aspects of food safety.

We invite OECD experts to discuss their findings with our personal representatives. We ask the latter to report to us by the next Summit on possible ways to improve our approach to these issues through international and other institutions, taking into account the reflections underway in other fora.

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