Food Law News - EU - 1999

9 June 1999: CONTAMINANTS - Contamination of feedingstuffs for poultry, pigs and cattle with Dioxin in Belgium

Commission Press Release (MEMO/99/32), 9 June 1999

Contamination of feedingstuffs for poultry, pigs and cattle with Dioxin in Belgium


a. Legislative actions

b. Information to Third countries

c. Level of dioxins and methods of detection


On 8 June, the Belgium authorities have provided a first list of restricted poultry farms (445) and a provisional list of pork (746) and bovine (393) holdings currently under restriction. These lists cover farms, which received possibly contaminated feed in the period from January 15 to January 31.

The Belgian authorities are in the process of completing the lists in order to cover also the period commencing 1 February to 1 June 99. In doing so an additional number of 366 poultry farms was identified. The figures for pig and bovine holdings identified during this period are expected to be available in due course.


In the Netherlands 76 poultry and 350 pig farms are under restriction. For the moment no list of holdings has been provided to the Commission. Testing for Dioxin in fat, feedingstuffs, poultry meat, eggs and pork have been undertaken. All samples proved negative for Dioxin.

Therefore the Dutch authorities are considering lifting the restrictions, which have been put in place. The Dutch authorities were requested by the Commission to wait with any decision until the next meeting of the Standing Veterinary Committee being held on 10 June 99.


On farm level 81 poultry, 62 bovine, 4 ovine holdings have been put under restriction. Due to information received recently from the Belgium authorities 34 pig farms will also be restricted in France. Samples have been taken from different products, the results of which are expected to be delivered soon. Poultry and poultry products have been traced and removed from the shelves. The same is being done for dairy products and will be done for pork products.


Feedingstuffs were received by two poultry farms, which have been put under restriction immediately. All the animals were slaughtered in Belgium and The Netherlands.

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