Food Law News - EU - 1998

9 December 1998: COFFEE - EP Conciliation agrees text to make coffee law simple

EP News Report, 9 December 1998

EP Conciliation agrees text to make coffee law simple

A measure to harmonize and simplify existing technical legislation governing the single market in coffee and chicory extracts was adopted without debate by the joint Parliament/Council Conciliation Committee yesterday 8 December under the codecision procedure. The text agreed is expected to be adopted by the Council in January and by the full House in February.

Based on Article 100a (internal market), the proposal for an EP and Council Directive is among a number put forward by the Commission to meet the undertaking it gave at the 1992 European Council in Edinburgh to replace excessively detailed legislation by directives containing only those requirements needed to guarantee free movement of goods.

Parliament's rapporteur was Mr Paul LANNOYE (Greens, B). The text agreed took account of the three amendments adopted by Parliament at second reading last September. Accordingly, the Commission is planning to specify a range of weights at which prepackaged coffee and chicory can be sold - to avoid confusing the consumer - and Member States must ensure that the methods used to determine the carbohydrate content of soluble coffees are validated or standardized.

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