Food Law News - EU - 1998

5 May 1998: COMPOSITION - Coffee extracts and chicory extracts - Health Council Meeting 30 April 1998

Council Minutes, 5 May 1998

Coffee extracts and chicory extracts

The following is taken from the minutes of the Health Council Meeting held on 30 April 1998

Following the political agreement reached at the "Internal Market" Council on 27 November 1997, the Council formally adopted a common position with respect to the proposal for a Directive on coffee extracts and chicory extracts. The text will now be forwarded to the European Parliament for a second reading.

The proposal is part of a package of seven vertical foodstuffs Directives which the Commission proposes to simplify in accordance with the conclusions of the Edinburgh European Council. The aim is to retain only those essential requirements to be met by the products covered by these Directives so that the products in question may move freely within the internal market.

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