Food Law News - EU - 1997

27 November 1997: BEEF - ‘Brits’ Urged to Beat Rest of Europe on Better Beef Labels

MAFF News Release (370/97), 27 November 1997

‘Brits’ Urged to Beat Rest of Europe on Better Beef Labels

The European Commission will delay the start of a new beef labelling scheme by three months due to problems in implementing the scheme throughout Europe.

The deadline for the European Beef Labelling Scheme has been put back to 1 April 1998. Beef retailers in Britain have already been asked to apply for official approval for their labels.

Food Minister Jeff Rooker said:
"I am now asking our manufacturers and retailers to beat the European deadline. In the UK we led the way by launching the Scheme in October to ease consumer concerns over the safety of beef we eat. The Beef Labelling Scheme provides an excellent opportunity to restore confidence in beef by ensuring that consumers are given accurate information about the beef they buy. "In spite of this delay, I hope that British retailers will not relax their efforts. I encourage them to send their applications to us as soon as possible - the sooner their applications are approved, the sooner the consumer will benefit."

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