Food Law News - EU - 1997

17 November 1997: ORIGIN MARKING - Protected Geographical Indications and Designations of Origin

Scottish Office Letter, 17 November 1997

Protected Geographical Indication and Designations of Origin

The Commission has circulated a sixth list of names on which initial discussions will take place at a Regulatory meeting in Brussels on 21 November. The list includes the following:

The Commission has also published in the Official Journal an application for a Certificate of Specific Character (CSC) for “Helado artesano”. The applicants have applied for the exclusivity clause set out in 13(1) of EC Regulation 2082/92. This means that only ice-cream produced to the specification laid down in the application can use the protected name “Helado artesano” with or without the EU CSC logo. The application appeared in the OJ C329 on 31 October. The UK has 5 months from the date of publication to forward any objections to the application.

For previous item on the fifth list, see 27 October 1997.

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