Food Law News - EU - 1997

18 September 1997: BEEF - UK beef exports.

The Week in Europe, 18 September 1997

UK beef exports.

The EU came a step closer to easing the ban on UK beef exports yesterday, when the Scientific Veterinary Committee reported on the UK's Certified Herds Scheme proposal. The Committee recommended that exports should be permitted if computerised tracking records could confirm that there had been no risk of contact with animals infected by BSE. Although Great Britain does not have a comprehensive computerised movement and tracing system and associated database, an adequate system of this kind appears to exist in Northern Ireland, the Committee noted. The veterinary experts recommended changes to several aspects of the Certified Herds Scheme, but these are mostly minor and should cause few problems, they say. The Committee also encouraged the UK to continue preparation of a separate proposal covering animals born after 1 August 1996. A proposal to lift the ban, in full or in part, would require approval by representatives of the other Member States.

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