Food Law News - EU - 1997

22 August 1997: VETERINARY LEGISLATION - Official Checks on Products of Animal Origin

MAFF Letter, 22 August 1997

Simplification of Veterinary Legislation - Official Checks on Products of Animal Origin

As previously advised (see
21 August 1997 below), the European Commission has been working on simplifying the hygiene directives for products of animal origin and has issued two consultation documents on this issue.

It has been agreed to consider separately the official checks required on products of animal origin (i.e. red meat, poultry meat, rabbit and hare meat, farmed game meat, wild game meat, bivalve molluscs, fishery products, milk and milk products). The commission has therefore issued a working document (No vi/8655/96 Rev 1) and proposes to begin discussions at working group level in September. In fact the text bears a very strong resemblance to requirements in existing Directives.

The Commission will discuss the document in a working group before issuing a formal proposal which would be subject to consultation in the usual way.

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