Food Law News - EU - 1997

16 January 1997: ADDITIVES - Progress on Amending the Miscellaneous Additives Directive

MAFF Letter, 16 January 1997

Progress on Amending the Miscellaneous Additives Directive

There have been further discussions on the proposed amendment to the Directive 95/2 on food additives other than colours and sweeteners [See earlier item,
25 September 1996]. The MAFF letter reports discussions held on 9 and 13 January.

Over the two days all aspects of the proposal were discussed, together with various requests for additional entries put forward by the Member States and the Commission. In many cases the discussion was inconclusive and a further meeting of the Working Group is planned for 30 January. The intention is to reach an agreed Common Position at the Internal Market Council on 13 March, subject to prior receipt of the European Parliament's first reading opinion.

The letter records the main points of the discussion - mainly specific requests for new or extended uses of additives. Details will not be given here and MAFF should be contacted for further information. One point is worth noting - the Commission tabled additional proposed entries for two new additives: E459 beta-cyclodextrine and E425 Konjac (i) Konjac gum, (ii) Konjac glucomannane..

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