Food Law News - EU - 1997

20 June 1997: NUTRIENTS - Commission Discussion Paper on the Addition of Vitamins and Minerals to Foods

Scottish Office letter, 20 June 1997

Commission Discussion Paper on the Addition of Vitamins and Minerals to Foods and Food Supplements

The Commission has published a discussion paper on the above subject. The following “Executive Summary” taken from the paper explains the background:

“Following an increasing number of complaints from economic operators concerning obstacles to trade Member States have asked the Commission to examine the possibilities of harmonising Community legislation relating to the addition of vitamins and minerals to foodstuffs and to food supplements containing vitamins and minerals. A task within the framework of Scientific Co-operation on questions relating to food, aiming to establish a scientific basis for the development of measures for the protection of public health in respect of the addition of vitamins and minerals, has been completed. The Commission in its Green Paper on Food Law announced its intentions to initiate technical consultation on this specific subject.

This discussion paper launches this consultation. It presents the points that need to be considered and debated prior to any possible proposals for harmonisation. It invites comments in particular on the following issues:

Where necessary or applicable comments on the above issues should clearly indicate whether they apply to food to which vitamins and minerals have been added or to food supplements or to both.

Comments have been requested in the letter by 1 September.

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