Food Law News - EU - 1997

18 June 1997: CONTAMINANTS - Mycotoxins: EC Permitted Limits

Scottish Office letter, 18 June 1997

Mycotoxins - EC Permitted Limits

A further meeting was held on the 9 June [for previous item, see
20 May 1997]. It discussed a further version of the pre-draft regulations. Modifications have been made in an attempt to bring processed products into the scope of the regulation. A further revised draft is expected before the next meeting. The concept of dual limits for all nuts and dried fruits has been maintained due to the availability of some industry data on sorting methods.

The Commission stated that the SCF was now considering Ochratoxin A and Patulin but this would take some time. However they were anxious to proceed with Ochratoxin A and would be putting forward a proposal as soon as possible. They did agree that the adoption of a regulation on aflatoxins was the first priority.

The proposed timetable is for a further meeting in early July. It is the Commissionís intention to seek the comments of the European Trade Associations over the summer. A further meeting has been provisionally fixed for September 15 after which the regulation will be sent to the Standing Committee for Foodstuffs which is likely to be towards the end of the year. It will then be necessary for the text of the regulation to be submitted to the World Trade Organisation and the European Parliament for their opinion. The Standing Committee will then reconsider the text in the light of these opinions and formally adopt the text.

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