Food Law News - EU - 1997

3 June /20 June 1997: EGGS - Review of Terms of Egg Production

MAFF Letters, 3 June 1997 and 20 June 1997

Review of Terms of Egg Production (SMT Criteria)

The letter circulates a copy of a working document produced by the Commission. The present 5 special marketing terms (SMT) are reduced to 3 in the proposal which would amend Article 18 and Annex II of EC Commission Regulation 1274/91. For previous item on this topic, see
24 February 1997 .

The present 5 terms are:

The 3 terms proposed are:

At the meeting in May of Member States there was a varied initial response to the paper. In general the reduction and simplification of the terms was welcomed but most had problems with the accompanying criteria. This was mainly centred on stocking densities. The Commission accepted that there would be further discussion on points of details and asked Member States to submit written comments on these and any other issues concerning SMT, such as monitoring and enforcement.

There was a subsequent meeting of the Eggs and Poultry Management Committee on the 17th June but detailed discussion (based on a revised working document) is likely to take place at the meeting scheduled for 15 July.

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