Food Law News - EU - 1997

15 May 1997: BSE - Action on BSE.

The Week in Europe, 15 May 1997

Action on BSE.

A series of further recommendations intended to eliminate any potential health risk from BSE was endorsed yesterday by the Commission. They concern proposals to ensure that new standards for meat and bone meal are fully implemented by all Member States, rules on the movement of meal for incineration, and the use of gelatine from UK-derived sources. An EU-wide ban is also needed on the use of animal material considered to pose potential risks, the Commission insists; this proposal was rejected by the Council last December, but subsequent inspections have revealed weaknesses that must be tackled. The EU's policy on BSE must continue to evolve in the light of experience and scientific knowledge, with the primary objective of reducing the risk to human and animal health as close to zero as possible, Commissioner Franz Fischler said. It is the implementation of this policy which is critical for consumer safety, Commissioner Emma Bonino stressed. The Commission is inspecting the effective implementation by the UK of the pre-conditions agreed last June for eradicating BSE and eliminating its risks to health; these measures should enable a gradual, step-by-step lifting of the export ban on beef products of UK origin, in accordance with the Florence agreement. A scheme on UK certified herds is also being examined.

Further details can be found in IP/97/407 [Accessed by using username "guest" and password "guest"]

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