Food Law News - EU - 1997

1 May 1997: ADMINISTRATION - Commission Communication - Consumer Health : towards a proper food policy

Week in Europe, 1 May 1997

Commission Communication - Consumer Health : towards a proper food policy

In response to consumers' concerns about food safety, the Commission has strengthened its approach to health and food safety. A Communication adopted yesterday explains how it intends to ensure the most effective use of scientific advice on consumer health and of control and inspection work. Scientific advice will be based on three principles - excellence, independence and transparency - and the work of all the scientific committees will be coordinated by a steering committee. On control and inspection, the Commission envisages the introduction of risk assessment and formal audit procedures, and the reorganisation of activities to cover the entire food production chain. The Commission will implement this approach through its Food and Veterinary Office and ensure that consumer health emergencies are followed up rapidly. The relevant Commission directorate (DGXXIV) will be strengthened with 263 officials, through transfers and new posts. Responsibilities for legislation have already been separated by the Commission from those for scientific advice and monitoring.

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