Food Law News - EU - 1997

25 April 1997: ADDITIVES - Progress on Amending Directive 95/2 on “Miscellaneous Additives”

MAFF Letter, 25 April 1997

Additives - Progress on Amending Directive 95/2 on “Miscellaneous Additives”

The Ministry letter follows three further meetings to discuss amendments to Directive 95.2 on Food Additives other than Colours and Sweeteners. A copy of the present proposed text was attached. For previous item, see
3 February 1997.

It is understood that the European Parliament’s consideration of the original Commission proposal is now unlikely to be completed until the Parliament’s Plenary Session in mid-July. No further formal attaches discussions are planned before that opinion is received. With a formal opinion from the Parliament therefore not likely before late July, and given the Summer break, it seems possible that the Council would not be in a position to agree a Common Position on the amending directive until the Autumn.

The letter gives details of the issues relevant to the UK. One major point at issue is the incorporation of flour treatment agents into the scope of the Directive. The UK considers that this would be premature since the SCF is still considering the safety evaluation of a number of the agents concerned.

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