Food Law News - EU - 1997

6 March 1997: COMPOSITIONAL CONTROLS - Review of EC Vertical Food Composition Directives

DHSS (NI) Letter, 6 March 1997

Review of EC Vertical Food Composition Directives

The letter reports on a number of meetings held in late 1996 to discuss the proposed simplification of the older EC controls on certain foods (fruit juices, honey, preserved milk, chocolate, coffee and sugars). It indicates that the Irish presidency took little action to progress the proposals until late in their period of office. Circulated with the letter are notes on the various discussions which covered all the controls except chocolate.

There are no dates available as yet for further meetings. The proposals are still also currently under consideration by the European Parliament although there is no indication of when its opinion will be available.

For previous item, see 2 July 1996.

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