Food Law News - EU - 1996

12 June 1996: EGG SIZE GRADES - Amending Regulation

MAFF Letter - 12 June 1996

Egg Size Grades: Regulation No ***/96 amending Regulation No 1274/91 introducing detailed rules for implementing Council Regulation No 1907/90 on certain marketing standards for eggs.

Agreement has been reached on 11th June at the Eggs and Poultry Meat Management Committee to this new Regulation. Minor changes are being made to the formal text and it will then be published in the Official Journal.

It will introduce revised categories for different sizes of eggs. The new provision (by amending Article 8 of Regulation 1274/91) will require the use of the following terms for Grade A eggs:

JUMBO: 73g and more
LARGE: from 63g up to 73g
MEDIUM: from 53g up to 63g
SMALL: under 53g

Provision is made for equivalent terms for large packs of eggs (by amendment to Article 33). Certain additional changes are made so as to incorporate Swedish language terms. The Regulation is expected to be effective from 1st July 1996 but a transitional period will be allowed until 31 December 1997.

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