Food Law News - EU - 1996

30 December 1996: ADDITIVES - Decision adopted on "traditional foods"

Scottish Office Letter, 30 December 1996

Adoption of Decision on National Laws Prohibiting Food Additives in Certain Foodstuffs

As previously described, the Community has been developing a Decision which would permit the maintenance of national laws prohibiting additives in certain foods. The Common Position was adopted on the 18 June 1996. It was formally adopted at the Environment Council held on the 9/10 December.

No changes to the Common Position text were proposed by the European Parliament during its second reading of the proposal. The text of the adopted Decision therefore contains a list of 15 traditional foods (as listed in item of 11 July 1996) for which certain Member States may maintain national bans on specific additive use on their territory. None are UK products.

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