Food Law News - EU - 1996

21 October 1996: LABELLING - Quantitative Ingredient Declaration

MAFF Letter, 21 October 1996

Quantitative Ingredient Declaration

A "Common Position" on an amendment to the EC Food Labelling Directive had been adopted on the 15 June 1995. This would introduce more specific rules relating to quantitative ingredient declarations (QUID). The European Parliament subsequently proposed certain amendments which the Council were unwilling to accept. The proposal therefore went to a Conciliation Committee.

The Committee eventually agreed to the necessary changes to the common position and these were formally agreed at a meeting of the Committee on 16 October 1996.

The agreed text was not available at the time the circulation of the MAFF letter.

It is expected that the proposal will now be formally adopted by the end of the year for implementation during 1997.

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